Hi, I'm Mariana! This is My Story...

I am a Holistic Health Coach  and Vegan Chef.  Through my services I help women transition into a plant based lifestyle. I believe that whole organic food nourishes and fuel our bodies. What we put in our body is the very essence of life and energy that we give ourselves. Wellness and  creating plant-based rich meals is truly my passion.  My gift to the world is to share this passion.  I want people to explore new energizing uplifting experiences through food, gatherings and activities that fits to their highest self.

People often ask me, where does my love of food come from?  I tell them I am and feel like an artist when I create nourishing food. It is food for my soul. Ever since I was a young girl, I remember me being in the kitchen and trying to make dinner for my family! Maybe, it wasn’t the best back then but I knew I had it in me. I became a vegetarian when I attended Culinary Arts Program at City College of San Francisco. I never stopped and grew to be a vegan for 7 years. I worked at vegan restaurants throughout San Francisco for three years.  Through that experience I realized that there is so much more to food and the energy behind it. I knew, there was a different calling for my soul purpose.

Through my journey when I traveled to Central & South America, I found a great calling to volunteer at organic farms, permaculture and customs. It was a way for me to know where our food comes from and digging my hands into the soil where everything is created from. It was such a transformational experience. I gained so much knowledge through my adventures of what I wanted to do. 

Once, I came back from backpacking all over down south, I knew my health was my number one priority and it was time to focus on myself and finding my purpose. I enrolled at Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Holistic Health Coach. This is such a beautiful tool to reach out to women and how to create their own balance of living consciously and eating wholesome foods. I find this so gratifying!

I love to see transformations through my clients!