This past weekend I ended up getting sick, which is not everyone’s favorite thing to get. I will give you some tips that helped me a lot and is always my to-go medicine. Since I do not take any western medications, I like to go the basics by using herbal medicines and plant based materials.

For the common cold/flu:

Echinacea: Stimulates the overall activity of the cells responsible for fighting all kinds of infection. When used correctly it is the closest thing to a cure for the common cold.

Usage: Echinacea Tincture and Echinacea Tea.

Lemon Ginger Tea: Lemons are high in Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.  Ginger helps stimulate perspiration. Also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties as well. Ginger also acts as a cough suppressant.

Elderberry Cough Syrup:  Contain concentrated amounts of vitamin C, flavinoids, fruit acids, and vitamins A and B which may help them to have antiviral properties. A simple cleanser of the body as well as an antioxidant. Supporting the liver, immune and circulatory system.

Essential Oil: OnGuard doTERRA and Breathe doTERRA. Best place to put essential oil is on your feet after the shower.

Did you know that your feet contain the most pores out of your whole body?

Much love and gratitude!  - Mariana -