To detox or not to detox?

What is the buzz about detoxing? Why do we need to do detox?

First off, detoxing our body is a great way to reset our digestive system and take a break from all the processed food and excess sugar in what we eat. It helps flush out any toxins, parasites and any bad bacteria that likes to hang out in our body.

What should I do for detoxing?

There are several ways to detox.

  1. Juice Cleanse: The trendiest! No food involved. Minimum days requires 3 days to actually work and reboot your digestive system. By doing the juice cleanse, it helps you to be more conscious of what food to intake after the cleanse.

  2. Elimination Diet: Involves removing specific foods that may be causing allergic reactions or signs of intolerance. It takes a period of time and dedication, afterwards you slowly introduce certain foods to see if there are any allergic reactions.

  3. The Master Cleanse: Consist of drinking a quart of salt water immediately upon rising and then drinking 6-12 glasses of the concoction below for 10 days. Before bed, an herbal laxative tea is consumed to help flush out the system. The Master Cleanse lemonade recipe is 10 ounces of pure water, 2 tablespoons fresh-squeezed lemon juice, 2 tablespoons pure grade B maple syrup, and 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper.

It is known to reduce common cravings, rid the body of toxins, improve digestion, and create clear skin.

Much love and gratitude!  - Mariana