How to Stay Healthy while Traveling?

As much as we love vacations or traveling around, it can be a challenge to stay healthy. I took me years to find a balance between what to eat, how to exercise and resisting temptations. The main solution is PLAN AHEAD!

Road Trips: I find these kind of trips are easy to control! Since you have your own vehicle, you can bring whatever you like! I always bring my own cooler and my lunch bag with ice packs. On the road is not veggie friendly sometimes. So I always prepare my own food, snacks and beverages. It does take more time and effort to prepare but it is so worth it. On the plus side, you save money & eating healthy!

*Pack plenty of snacks to keep you happy and satisfied until the next opportunity for a vegan meal presents itself. Some of my favorites include vegan protein bars, kale chips, trail mix, nut butter, fruits, veggie sticks and hummus.

TIPS: Look up vegan-friendly restaurants on the Happy Cow website. I’ve found that they have the most comprehensive list of vegan-friendly restaurants worldwide. Do a quick search in the area where you’re staying and print a list of your options at home before you hit the road. Or, download the Happy Cow mobile app to choose a restaurant on the fly.

Call your hotel ahead of time and ask a few questions. First, ask if your room has a mini fridge, or if you can rent one for the duration of your stay. A mini fridge is the perfect size for storing vegan essentials like almond milk, veggies, and hummus. Also, if the hotel offers a complimentary breakfast, be sure to ask about vegan options. Most hotels will have oatmeal and fruit you can make with almond milk, and bagels you can top with peanut butter and banana.