How to Eat Healthy Travelling while Eating Out

How can I stay healthy while eating out?

I just got back from 14 days of travel myself which meant a LOT of eating out so I wanted to share some tips with you that I used to feel my best.

Always bring snacks with you while traveling. It’s easier to make good choices when you’re in a restaurant if you’ve had a healthy snack beforehand. That way you won’t be tempted to reach for the bread or chip basket.

A couple of my essential travel snacks (even if I'm just traveling around town I keep these in my bag;

Trail Mix + Vegan Protein Powders + Blender Bottle + Superfood Green Powder Mix + Bars

Menu Surfing

When I’m at a restaurant I like to do something I call Menu Surfing where I'll browse through the menu looking at what ingredients they have while thinking about what nutrients my body needs, and what the best option is wherever I am.


I choose my protein first, then look for different sides or salads that sound good and build on that. I'll ask to leave off any ingredients that don’t agree with me - and will add an easy extra like a quarter of a lemon to squeeze over my salad instead of a heavy dressing.


Healthy carb options can be tough - but not impossible. Your main goal is to find something that is as close to a whole food as possible for your complex carb. If you are eating gluten free, you can sometimes find a gluten free bun or bread, but that's not always the best choice as many GF products aren’t made with the best ingredients and will have added sugars and preservatives that you have no control over. Try to find sprouted bread, that has nuts or seeds containing in the bread as well.

Sometimes the best plan is to get a side of rice, quinoa (if they have it - surf the menu), baked potato or sweet potato (and don't skip whole butter - that's a good fat, it's the hydrogenated oils in the fried stuff and the processed things you want to avoid). Just look for the best option available. A lettuce wrap for a burger or sandwich can sometimes be a great option too.


Speaking of fat, consider adding a healthy, nutrient-dense fat like avocado in place of cheese (if dairy bothers you) so you still get that yummy creaminess without the extra dairy.

Also look for dishes that already combine healthy fat, healthy protein and greens. A great option if you’re going out to breakfast is to order poached eggs over a green salad and a side of oatmeal.


When it comes to beverages, try to avoid soda - order unsweetened iced tea instead or sparkling water if you like bubbles. I like to squeeze some lemon or lime into my water, or get a side of fresh berries and infuse my water myself for variety. Strawberries taste awesome in sparkling water!

Locally Sourced Food

Try dining at restaurants that locally source ingredients because they often have the freshest, healthiest choices.

The Bottom Line

Think about what nutrients your body needs, and what the healthiest options available to you are. A few occasional things you can’t control won’t hurt, but just being mindful is better than not putting any thought into it at all.

Think about how you would eat at home - be mindful of what your body needs and don’t get sidetracked or overwhelmed by all the options available at the restaurant.

Eating out isn’t always about ordering "perfectly" - if you eat out quite a bit these tips are great, but you should also feel free to enjoy yourself! I love meeting friends for a good meal, or going out to eat with family.

We all have so many happy memories and occasions around food and great meals - so don't sweat it if you can't eat exactly like you would at home. How we FEEL when we eat is often just as important as WHAT we eat.

Sourced from The Betty Rocker