The Importance of Meal Prepping

So what's up with Meal Prepping? Why is it so popular now a days?

Meal prep is a way of living- for those who want to lose weight or stick to any health goals, this is a great way to MAINTAIN & STICK to the goals. It is all about CONSISTENCY and knowing what you are putting into your body because our beautiful bodies should be treated sacred temple.

Meal Prepping can change one's lifestyle by improving their digestion, losing weight, clearing up acne or building muscle- whatever your reason why is, but the battle of meal prepping is KNOWING YOUR WHY!

Meal Prepping is now a big part of my life, where I find the time to put into my schedule because of so many reasons; one being much easier, and my bank account is thanking me.

Meal Prepping saves you time during the week when you get home from work and there is food already PRE MADE  because your future self-thanks you!

All you must do is warm it up and WA-LA! Dinner is served. Instead of coming home and thinking “Great, what am I going to eat for dinner tonight? I don’t feel like cooking – lets just order take out….”

I have been a fan of meal prepping for a couple of years now and having all the ingredients on hand for a quick breakfast on-the-go, carrying a lunch and snacks with me when I’m away from home and always having something in the fridge to eat in a flash for dinner has become a way of life for me, which it is essential now. I feel weird when I miss a day of meal prepping it sets the week OFF BALANCE and I head towards not so healthy options for food.

Are you interested in learning how to meal prep for yourself? No worries! I got you covered, on April 22 - I am hosting a Meal Prep Workshop where I tell you all the juicy secrets of how to handle the kitchen like a BOSS!


In this workshop you’ll learn:
– How to find the time for preparing and cooking
– Which types of meals are ideal for meal prepping
– Tricks to make meal prepping easy and fun
– How to store and transport your meals so they stay fresh and tasty

+Plus, you will be receiving a E-Book Meal Prep Cookbook + Handouts of Kitchen Set Up, Food Combining, Organic Produce Storage & Tips and Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen List.

where to sign up? please contact me