KAIA Ladies: BRIK Fall Meal Plan Services Information


My name is Mariana Martinez and I am Plant Based Chef and Holistic Health Coach. During this BRIK session I am opening up my services for weekly meal prep following along KAIA’s guidelines and rules. Every week will match up with the same theme.

My meal plan is a full plant rich balance diet, I use the highest quality of ingredients and superfoods. I definitely follow the clean fifteen and the dirty dozen list. I cook seasonally and use no soy products, no dairy, non-GMO, no canola oil and gluten free. Everything I make is homemade and made with love.

The containers I use are World Centric, which is a plant based fiber ‘plastic’ that is compostable and biodegradable. If you would like to read more please check it out (link is available below) As I care about my health and others, I also care for our Earth and living consciously, and I tend to steer away from plastic as much as possible.

Read More about World Centric Mission

I love to cook healthy and fresh as possible, it is my passion and inspires me to share with others to taste the goodness in life!

I am offering three different packages, as they will be explained below.

Package 1: Full Set - Monday through Friday. Smoothie, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks per day.  (2 varieties of each meal)

Package 2:  Monday through Friday. One Soup/One Bowl & One Salad per day. (2 varieties of salads. One soup and one bowl.)

Package 3: DIY; This is great for ladies who have time to cook and wants to learn new recipes and follow a long my meal plan! This includes Week 1-Week 6 Meal Plan, Prep Guide, Recipes & Health Tip of the week.


1. Delivery/Pick Up Info: Sunday’s evening you are able to pick up at my house

in Concord. I deliver to KAIA on Monday mornings at 8 am.

2. There will be a box with your name, package number and class time.

3. Payment: You are able to purchase the packages through my shop on my website, I will have that available soon to be seen for public. OR I accept cash or check. You may either hand it to me in person while we exchange or you may drop it off in my KAIA folder. (8am Mariana Martinez)

4.Pleaselet me know if you have any food allergens or sensitivities. I can accommodate to your needs.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Package Prices

Package #1: $250 per week.

Package #2: $175 per week.

Package #3: $50 total!

New Offer!!

Loyalty (VIP) Plan for customers who are dedicated and committed all the way!

Sign up for Week 1,2,3,4 ,5 & 6 before August 26 and receive a discounted price!

Package #1: Sign up and you save $10 per week in total you are saving $50

Package #2: Save $10 per week! Total savings $50

To Sign Up:

Please note what week you would like to purchase. OR write down Loyal (VIP) Program for the complete set.