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Does this sound like you...

Craving to commit to shifting into a healthier diet?

Looking to find your sustainable lifestyle with food and wellness?

Can’t seem to find what works for you?

You find yourself in repeating cycles of old eating habits, but you desperately want to change them.

Deep down inside, you are yearning to master eating clean and eating whole foods while implementing a lifestyle that benefits your unique self.

Are you starting to notice that the food you eat isn’t making you feel good?

Do you create a goal but then you don’t follow through because you don’t have the support that you need.

Do you struggle with consistency and attaining your health and wellness goals?

Do you battle with yourself about what to eat and not to eat?


Do you struggle with being hard on yourself and shaming your body using negative self-talk?

During the weekends you seem to let go all of your health goals out the window because it is hard to socialize with others when there are tempting foods everywhere?

Do you feel overwhelmed to start a new lifestyle change and confused about what is the ‘truth’ about nutrition?

Are you ready to feel good in your life by the food you eat?

Are you ready to take it to the next level in your life?

If you answered YES to any of these

I have ANSWERS for you!

What if I told you I have with these same struggles that I mentioned above?

It is true! We all struggle especially around food, I believe it might be the hardest change to implement in our lives.

There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to nutrition and the food we eat.

I am here to guide you in the beginning stages of HOW TO transition! Which is the scariest and biggest decision to make and do! I am here to be of service FOR you. If you are committed and willing and open to new ideas to create that life you desire!



My name is Mariana and I am a Plant Based Chef, Holistic Health Coach,and Yoga Instructor where my mission is to assist spiritual babes transition into a Plant Based Lifestyle and  incorporate a mind, body and spirit lifestyle into your health and wellness goals.

Through my nine years of health and wellness journey I have found what works for me and created a sustainable lifestyle that I absolutely love and feeling energetically amazing!

My passion is teaching my knowledge and experience of plant-based foods and how to implement in your life. I absolutely believe in food as medicine and incorporating movement in our body, so we may fuel properly and release any stagnant energy inside of our bodies.

I believe by eating whole real foods you can gain our own sovereignty back from the broken system of our health in America.

You might be wondering what does plant-based even mean?

Plant-Based lifestyle is consuming whole foods, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, legumes and consist of minimal animal products to none. Steering away from processed foods.

Imagine a life where your food makes you feel good and gives you energy throughout the day.

Imagine a life where you can go to the grocery store and not over spending money and knowing exactly what to buy.

Imagine a life where you can control your eating habits and eating without counting, restricting and guilt.

Imagine a life where you had a personal coach and a virtual chef covering all aspects of shifting into a lifestyle that you crave and not just recipes!

What would your life look like gaining all of this knowledge?

Can you imagine a life where you are taking care of yourself first so that you can give to others?

If you are saying to yourself “This is so me!”






Don’t worry love – I got you!

I know you are worthy!

I know you are capable and more than enough!

I know you deserve to feel good!

I know you are ready to take massive action for your health!

I know you are ready to live a life where you have control when it comes to health!

We all deserve to live a happy healthy soulful life!

Starting with a 30-minute health consultation, plus an overview of your lifestyle and dietary habits, I will create plan designed specifically for you. With a focus on balance, plant-based whole foods, and realistic and practical recommendations, your personalized plan will accommodate your likes, dislikes and health goals, while complimenting any existing medical conditions or other therapeutic treatments. In follow-up consultations, we will review and fine-tune your plan to suit your changing dietary and lifestyle needs.

Your personalized nutrition plan will include:

  •     three 1:1 Coaching calls per month (1 week where you reflect & integrate all the information)

  •     weekly q&a's(through voxer app)

  •     Customized program that is designed just for you

  •     one purium product to jumpstart your health

  •     access to all my programs & recipe portal page

  •     think of me as your personal cheerleader & coach!

  •     Option to include private cooking lessons + grocery store tour [if we are located in the same area)  (at a discounted rate)

  • We all deserve to live a happy soulful life!

Doesn’t this sound amazing and exactly what you need!?

Are you ready to take massive action for yourself?